Swipe left with ion-item



I am trying to implement swipe on items to reveal options (Edit/Delete) but its not taking.

My list looks like this

<ion-list can-swip="true" show-delete="true" >
  <ion-item ng-repeat="group in groups" ui-sref="app.group({id : group._id.$oid})" >

Any ideas why the swipe doesnt work like in the example ?


try can-swipe instead of can-swip :wink:


yikes. Still no dice, probably b/c can-swipe=true is the default.


I am also noticing in console

TypeError: e.gesture is undefined (ionic.bundle.js 6703)


Is there a specific version of ionic that can do this ? I am on beta8 , not sure if thats the issue


did you solve it ? I am having the same problem


I just need to add both cordova and ng-cordova
< script src=“js/ng-cordova.min.js”>
< script src=“cordova.js”>
Then only moving the mouse in order to test on hybrid mobile app , it worked for me. if you have any other solution please let me know