Can Swipe on custom css List


I’m implementing my own swipe list using css
<ion-content> <ul class="list"> <li class="item item-divider heading" ng-repeat-start="flight in collection" ng-if="isSameDate(flight.SCHEDDATE)"> <header> <h4>{{formatDate(flight.SCHEDDATE)}}</h4> </header> </li> <li class="item item-complex item-left-editable item-right-editable" ng-repeat-end on-swipe="swipeShow($event)"> <div class="item-content">

because I’m not too happy with the ion-list implementation

However when running the app ion puts a disable-user-behaviour on it thus preventing me from triggering swiping events even though I have a on-swipe event on it.

How can I enable swiping on my custom list?