Unable to find my app in emulator after build



I’m using the command from the root project:
cordova emulate android --target=Android_4

This build my app and install it:
Total time: 10 seconds
Waiting for emulator…
Booting up emulator (this may take a while)…BOOT COMPLETE
Installing app on emulator…
Using apk: /some/path/platforms/android/ant-build/app.apk

The emulator loads OK but I can’t find my app anywhere there.
When I run it through “ionic run android” to go through the device - it works, I can find my app and it’s running ok.
Help ?


Found the answer in some other irrelevant topic.
It all depends on the ADB API device that we’ve created.

When setting up the new ADB device, make sure it’s API level is 10 and above.


Hey glad to see you got this resolved :smile: