Ui gets stuck in ionic Slide left swipe with input field and keyboard

I have created a simple ionic slider just to show what is the issue. I have an ionic slide with an input filed when I type something the keyboard appears and without returning the keyboard if I left swipe the ionic slide get stuck between two slides. This does not happen if I do right swipe or if I hide manually keyboard before doing the left swipe.

To fix this issue I tried to call hide.keyboard() before left swipe but still the issue occurs. I am stuck in this issue from last 5 days please help.

my slider html :-

<ion-slides >
    <ion-slide  *ngFor="let data of dataRetrived; let idx = index">
        <ion-card-content class="card">
          <ion-label> test </ion-label>
                <ion-input maxlength="150" 
                 placeholder="Please enter your caption here"   class="ion-text-left"></ion-input>

While you wait for better answers, I’ll suggest thinking about rearchitecting so that there are no other elements competing for UI events with the swiper itself. I have found iDangerous swiper (the thing that powers <ion-slides>) to be very greedy about events, and only use it for displaying information, not embedding any interactive components.