Can I use Swiper.js with Ionic 4?

I have an Ionic 4 application (can’t quite update yet), where I am having HUGE problems on iOS where I am using ion-slider containing components, some with 1ion-input`.

As soon as I trigger the keyboard via the ion-input, the css layout get completely messed up (in all slides).

I have tried absolutely everything, and the only we I have been able to “refresh it” is when running in debug, and using Safari dev tools, turning off and on some of the css.

It is ion-slides causing this, as I removed all but the first slide and put into just a div, and had no problems. But I need a slider (I have 3 components).

I was hoping then to try and use Slider.js (which is now going to replace ion-slider anyway), however, as in this post, I get a `‘swiper’ is not a known element error.

I can’t see any doco on what version of swiper to use to Angular8 (if I can at all)

So, my question is, can I use Swiper.js ion Ionic 4? I need the most basic functionality, ie just the sliding, and the dots at the bottom.

Thanks in advance