Input controls in sliders are broken

I have an ion-slides component which has some ion-input controls in. On RC2 the way the form scrolled when a keyboard displayed on a device was bearable. In RC3 it is completely broken. In latest nightly it’s better but still very bad.

When a user touches an input, the input completely flies off the screen or is in the completely wrong position. When the keyboard is dismissed the screen is not returned to it’s proper position. I have ion-footer elements in each ion-slide which show how the screen is not aligned after the keyboard is dismissed

I have no idea what RC2, RC3, nightly you are talking about. Please post the output of ionic info. Thanks.

Please also provide some code and possibly screenshots of what is going wrong.

thanks for reply budy , i found and solved my problem.

Would you share it so that other users having similar problems might benefit from your solution?

i have found solution for this
ion-slides { height: initial; }

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