UI Freezes on Android tablet

I have a third party Android tablet on which I have a clean ionic angular app installed. On the tablet I can enable the screen off function. When the screen turns off the first time and I wake up the device, the app works fine, when the screen turns off the second time and I wake up the device, the app is frozen.

I have figured out that only the ui seems to be frozen. When you click an a href link, chrome opens perfectly, when you click an angular route, I can see all the logging for the routes but the UI does not update. Then, when I click the Android button at the bottom (to select another application) and go back to the application, the UI switches to what I selected previously.

I am trying to figure out how I can debug this but no luck so far. Can anybody guide me throught the process of displaying the correct page in Android Studio? I’ve added breakpoints where I think it should hit when switching paths (webview.loadUrl) but no luck so far.

Check out the in-depth troubleshooting guide in the Ionic docs.

Try connecting the device to your computer and looking at logs and the console in DevTools to see any errors that are occurring.