Anyone else deal with their Ionic iOS native app freezing after unlocking device?

Hi all, so I’ve got a strange issue that has been basically impossible for me to debug. I have an Ionic-Angular tabs application that I’ve compiled in to a native iOS application. Most of the time it works great, but I’ve found that sometimes if I have the app open, and lock my device, and then several minutes later, I unlock my device (the app is still on the screen when the device is unlocked), that the app is almost entirely frozen, in the sense that I cannot swipe back or click forward on anything. It’s entirely random and probably happens once every 50 to 100 times.

What’s interesting is that I can still scroll up and down on the page, and if I click on an item, it will trigger the click animation (for example, I am using mode=md on my header), so when I tap the back button I see the native android “splash” animation but I am not routed back to another page. The only fix, is to close the app.

Currently using Ionic: 4.3 and Cordova iOS: 5.0

Anyone else dealt with this or have any idea how to debug this problem? I am at a loss…thanks!