Page randomly freezes in offline mode

Hello everyone,

I’ve been struggling for several days with a random bug that happens in offline mode on an Android Ionic app.
My app is on Ionic 7, Capacitor 5, Angular 16, Angular-fire 7 and firebase 9.

Everything works fine in wifi but in offline mode, I get a random bug, the screen freezes and interactions are blocked.

I’ve redirected the console logs and when the problem occurs, the analysis of these logs yields nothing (I trap everything in an Angular Global Error Handler).

When the problem occurs, all you have to do is turn the Wifi back on and relaunch the application, and everything’s back to normal.

As I’m on an Android build, I’m not in PWA, so I haven’t started a worker… service.

So I have a few questions:
1/ Do the js chuncks have a TTL that causes them to stop loading after x hours in offline mode?
2/ As I’m on an Akita state management system, I don’t seem to have any problems with cFirebase, which works fine in offline mode. But isn’t there a TTL at this level?
3/ I have tried but this lib blocks sont swipe interaction. Does Crashlytics Firebase would shows me if there is any problem in android or capacitor plugin?

More generally, have any of you ever had this type of problem, which I’ve never encountered before?

Have you debugged your app in Android Studio and looked at the logs there under Logcat?

Yes of course, no javascript errors visible via console.log
A capacitor plugin error would be visible in the logs (I filter on package:mine Capacitor/Console)
I have no idea how to find this error. Crashlytics perhaps?