Two versions of the same app


For business pitch purposes, I will need two versions of the same app on Android.

Can someone tell me what should I change? I am always worried about changing stuff on config.xml and screwing up my entire project lol.



There are multiple ways to accomplish this and it very much depends on your workflow.

In config.xml if you change <widget id=“com.appcompany.appname”, this will change the id of the application.
If you change this will change the name that gets displayed when you install the application.
Once you’ve changed those you can either

a) Remove the android platform and add it again, making sure to add the correct plugins. The downside is that it might take a while to remove/add the platform each time you want to build for a different project. You can automate this with grunt or gulp and this is what I did for a while.

b) You can make the same changes to config.xml but use a gulp or grunt extension to change any references that exist in the android platform folder from the old id/name to the new id/name. This is the method I now use.

c) Have an entirely separate folder for your other build.