Cloning an ionic project

​I just would like to install a slightly different version of the app on the device. Intuitively, I do the following steps but I end up getting the same app.
Copy paste the entire ionic project file ( app-1 as app-2 ) and then get into the new folder ( Ex: cd app-2, and then go $ ionic build android ) But this does not work.
When I install the final apk on the phone, I end up overwriting app-1.

My guts tell me this has something to do with the config.xml…

If so, what is “com.ionicframework.demoapp703628​” in the config.xml, how did it get there and is it OK to manually change it to say com.myaddress.myapp.myversion?

Any solution to this?

I’m having the same issues.

I have multiple apps right now (3) that work fine in the browser but when I run on my device or install they all overrride each other.


As the original poster said: You have to change config.xml so it doesn’t build an app with the same identifier.

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Thanks. Will try that.