Two config.xml, one in root, one in www/


I’ve started an Ionic project a few weeks ago an just today I’ve gotten around to tweaking config.xml, only to find that I have two. One is in the project root, the other one in www/.

I’ve found in the PhoneGap docs that config.xml should be placed "in the project root, right next to the index.html file, which for my setup is contradictory.

Can someone shed some light on why in the world I have two config files and which one is THE config file?




In Phonegap 3.4 is outside of the www folder, in the project root directory. If you have different version you could test easily by putting different name/version in the config.xml and check which is active after a build.


In Cordova 3.4 and above, the config.xml is in the root of the app directory. When you build, that config.xml is copied into the overall www directory and into each platform specific www directory.

Generally speaking “the” config.xml is the one in your root directory. Changes to the others will be overwritten by the build process.


Alright, thanks for clearing that up!