Getting started with Android


So I am getting a couple of nasty errors. First when I run my app on android (galaxy s2 or 3 I am not quite sure - my first android device) it spits: “Error initilizing Cordova: Class not found”. Well this is the structure of my project ( I am not sure what to look for)

And what also puzzles me is the location of config.xml. The project clearly has a reference to it like it sits in platforms/android/ but in fact there is nothing. I guess I should be editing another config.xml in “app/res/xml/config.xml”…


I am assuming you are using Cordova 3.4. If not, you should probably upgrade before you get too much further.

> cordova -v

With this version of Cordova, you will have a config.xml in the root directory of your app. THAT is the only config.xml you should generally touch. The one in the www folder and the ones in the platform directories are all modified on the fly by cordova every time you run the build process.