Twitter connect plugin ionic 2 error "failed login session"

Hello Everyone,

I integrated twitter-connect-plugin in my app. Previously twitter login was working fine in android but now its showing “failed login session” whenever I am trying to login using twitter. In iOS also same issue. I followed following link to integrate twitter-connect-plugin.

Please suggest any solution, I am stuck in this issue.


I am having a similar issue. Android is fine. Did you discover the cause?

Same issue also on Android, following same tutorial but obtaining only “failed login session”.
Any advice?

Thanks in advance.

For me seems twitter_key and twitter_secret_key passed to java code of plugin are void strings.
Going to investigate again!


Solved for Android reading again the tutorial and importing preferences as described.
About iOS: I can’t test but what about try to insert into config.xml foreseen variables by official ionic native twitter plugin?

<plugin name="twitter-connect-plugin" spec="0.6.0">
        <variable name="FABRIC_KEY" value="db4d6811178d3adaeb5e0dcc8969e7c27e6d1137" />
        <variable name="TWITTER_KEY" value="<twitter_key>" />
        <variable name="TWITTER_SECRET" value="twitter_secret" />

I have tried the tutorial . It’s still getting me the Failed Login Session error. I have correctly imported the keys while adding the cordova plugin. Any solution for this?

preference name=“TwitterConsumerKey” value=“twitter key” />
preference name=“TwitterConsumerSecret” value=“twitter secret” />

Add thi line to config.xml