TwitterConnect Authorize failed

Good morning,
i’m trying to use the TwitterConnect plugin in our new App and i get stuck at the Login step with the “Failed login session” message.
I was wondering if the plugin is currently working for anyone and if i get any help on what might be the problem. Thanks


  • I’ve followed the step on the plugin page and got a FARBIC_API_KEY that i used to install the plugin
  • I’ve created a twitter app without a callback URL and with the “Sign in with Twitter” flag enabled and obtained the CONSUMER_KEY and CONSUMER_SECRET
  • I’ve tried to sign in with Twitter from and it’s working as intended. It is also asking permissions for the twitter app as intended while this isn’t happening for my own app
  • I’ve analized the log from the development device and the exception from the Twitter app is as follows:
    E/Twitter (31870): Authorize failed.
  • I verified that if the Twitter app is installed but not logged in the app correctly provides the login form and logs in while it returns a failed login session for my app.

did you resolved that? i am also facing the same issue.

Unfortunately i didn’t manage to resolve the issue. I later decided to not include Twitter as a login option since it isn’t very popular in my country anyways.

I had the same issue, and for me it was resolved by installing the Twitter app on my phone.

Some other connectors like Facebook have a built in browser window login thing as a fallback for when the app is not installed. The Twitter connector seems to not have that.