Tutorial for your app first time you open

Hello! Quick question,

Is there any kind of support, or plugin for a 1st time tutorial for your app? I see apps that will walk you through the features of an app the first time you open it, which seems like its in a video format with a pointer navigating through screens??

Does anyone know of any ionic/jquery/angular plugin which can accomplish this??

Searching for this on the web is difficult because any search with “tutorial” brings up a million hello world jquery examples lol.


I’m actually gonna suggest a video xD You can autoplay it if you embed it in a HTML5 video element… Give it some thought :wink:

If you don’t, I guess it’s just a picture of a pointer with transparent background, some animations and loads of sequential timers… Not sure though. I don’t know any plugin that helps to do this realy… Sorry :wink:

Thanks @iwantwin . Actually after more thinking, I decided that if my app needed a tutorial, then the UI/UX should be redesigned in a way that is more intuitive :wink:

Very true, did you manage to achieve that?

Did you check out the tutorial example by Ionic?

thanks @iwantwin and @martihag. Yes I saw that Martihag however I ended up redesigning my layout to be more intuitive :smile: Thanks again guys.