Can we make an app tutorial page after app's first installation?

Hey guys, I’m still having difficulties finding a way to implement tutorial page after Ionic app has been installed for the first time. Is that even possible to make a tutorial page using ionic ?

Yes that is absolutely possible. Hope this helps :smile:

use a localStorage variable in like

if(!localStorage.isFirstTime){ // this will check either this key is set in localstorage or not
  // you are coming first time
 // redirect to tutorial view
 localStorage.isFirstTime = "nopessss"; // this will set isFirstTime key in localstorage so that this condition will not be executed next time.
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@mrameezraja sorry for my late reply, i tried use $state.go for testing first, but my page won’t redirect to the targeted state. Here’s my code =>

.run(function( $state,$rootScope,$localStorage,$location,TutorialCheck ) {

I wonder what’s my mistake…

try adding timeout or $location.path(’…’)

.run(function( $state,$rootScope,$localStorage,$location, $timeout, TutorialCheck ) {
    }, 1000);
   // or

@mrameezraja works like a charm, thank you sir.