Create app tutorial

I’d like to create a first use tutorial for my finished application so the user can see what steps has to follow to use it. For example: if you download and install for the first time “Google Drive”, you’ll see a sort of tutorial on how to use it. There are some animation that shows you exactly what to do to: upload a file, delete one etc.

Can I create something similar with my app?

@mhartington :smile:

use localstorage for those things like storing a flag if the user has seen your “tutorial”.

I did something similar with a ionic-modal with a ionic slideshow in it.
So if you first start the app (flag in localstorage is not set) -> the modal opens with some tutorial images you can slide through and internally i set the flag in the localstorage.

You can use this approach on multiple views if you want to explain them, when the user first opens this state/view ;).

Hopefully this helps

Thanks @bengtler and @mhartington :smile:
That helped me a lot :smiley: