Trouble using fullscreen API on Android 4.4.2


I’m having trouble making a video player element fullscreen using the fullscreen API, specifically webkitRequestFullScreen. I’m specifically having trouble with my Ionic app on a Samsung Galaxy S4 running 4.4.2. Here’s what I’m trying to doing.

$scope.goFullscreen = function() {
		var elem = document.getElementById("video_element");
		var requestMethod = elem.requestFullScreen || elem.webkitRequestFullScreen;

		  if (requestMethod) { // Native full screen.;
		    console.log("requested fullscreen");

The function is firing but nothing happens, no errors, nothing. I tried the same function in a simple Cordova app and it works. I’ve tried a couple of other players in my app such as Video.js and it’s fullscreen button doesn’t work either. Anyone else having this problem?


Are you using Crosswalk? I’ve found dealing with video in WebView to be a bad experience.


The fullscreen api is still a work-in-progress


Not using Crosswalk yet as I’m having trouble building my app with it added because of a Cordova plugin. Yes I’ve found dealing with video in the WebView to be enormously painful, especially HLS which already has very poor support in Android.


For anyone else coming across this thread I’ve resorted to using this native video player Cordova plugin since browser based fullscreen support is so spotty:


Hi ,
I am trying to do that but it is creating another issue , it doesn’t allow to place footer above the keyboard. I followed this link but it id not working. if there is something else let me know.