Fullscreen video in android - No video, only audio


I’m using iframe to embed youtube videos as mentioned below -

<iframe src="{{collegeTutorial.safeSource(collegeTutorial.tutorials.videourl)}}" allowfullscreen></iframe>

This works fine on iOS in fullscreen mode. On android too, it displays video correctly when not in fullscreen. But, when I tap on fullscreen button in the video, the video doesn’t show in fullscreen. I can hear the audio, but instead of video, a black screen is shown.
This issue is not faced always, only around 50% of the times. At other times, it displays the video correctly.
Also, if I take any action while in fullscreen, say I tap at the place where Pause button should be, the video starts showing. Also, if I open my WebInspector and close it again while still in fullscreen, then also video starts showing.

I’m using following versions -
Ionic 1.7.14
Cordova 6.0.0
Android - 5.1

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I also tried the same with Mike Hartington’s repo - ionic-video, but faced the same problem. When I go to fullscreen on android device (Android 5.1), I see the same issue, that is, video is black and audio continues. This is seen only sometimes though. Around 60-70% of the times, the video shows properly. But, very frequently I also get the above issue.

Literally having the same issue; mine does not display the video at all.

Any update on this issue?

Any solutions to this issue yet? If someone finds something, please share?

Maybe it’s a bug? Though I am using Ionic 3 for my project, yet the same issue.

Anyone found a solution yet?
For me, it’s just for YouTube videos. Other videos seems to work OK.

I’m now displaying the videos with the inAppBrowser Plugin. Did not find any other solution until now

Anyone solve it ? I am having the same problem

Vimeo has the same issue on android.
What’s going on with iframe on Cordova?

Is there any solution for this yet?