Transition between views not working and back button not appearing

I am new in developing an ionic application.

I’ve created an app with the “ionic start myApp sidemenu” and I am modifying it.

I’ve added a login page at the begining, without any logic, simply linking to the main page wich there is a list of events.

After clicking an event there should appear a view with 3 tabs and by default a list of users. There should be a transition from the list of events to the event details and a back button to return to the list of events.

Here I have trhee problems:

1- The first time I click an event, the app goes back to login screen, after that, I can enter the event without problems. I think this is related to the tabs in event details, beacuse if I remove the tabs then it loads the event details page without going to login screen again.

2- Clicking an event opens the event details but without the sliding transition and without the back button in the event details to go back to events list.

3.- Inside the event details the list of users doesn’t appear.

This is a codepen:

This is a codepen without the tabs (fixes problem 1 but i want tabs in the event view):