Tab view to detail view no transition or back button


I`m searching for a while now but couldn’t find a solution.
I have 3 tabs and one tab with a list. On tap I would like to show a detail view with slide transition and an back button but withouts the tabs.

But when I go to the detailview there is no transition or back button.
I think the problem is that I´m leaving the tab-nav here.

The back button isn`t a problem but how can I enable the transition?
Or is there any other solution to transition from a tab-view to a single ion-view?

This codepen demonstrates the problem: (found it somewhere)

If you go to Sign-In -> No Tab you can see the problem.

Edit: The problem still exists.
Question: When I go from a tab view to an detail view, how can I enable view animations (slide-left)?