Back button issue


I’m just starting with the ionic and have existing app that needs some fixing and modifications. Its tabs based application and I’m having a trouble with missing back button in some occasions.

As I understand and I might be completely wrong I’ve been looking through ionic for two days, all tabs have their own scope and its remembered if you switch between tabs so if for example we have two tabs events and users and we were in users -> edit and switch tab to events and back again we are back were we were in edit process. Is that right assumption to begin with.

If that is true it could explain my problem, the problem is (I’ll try to explain it good). So lets say we have three tabs, users, events, and my events. Events gets list of all events that exist, and my events list of your own events and you can click through and edit them. That works nice and if you go to edit it gives a back button to the list.

But if I add an edit button to list of all events it goes to editing that event page that is under my events tab and there is no
back button in that case. I guess that it maybe creates a new scope that now has no history.

So my question is it even supposed to be able to link from within one tab to some nested view in another tab or is it something thats set up wrong so thats the reason why its not working for me.

Thanks upfront for any advice or guidance