Touted As Agnostic But Only 3 Frameworks

Guys, I’ve been reading the latest developments with regards to ionic 4 and it is being touted as an agnostic framework that doesn’t force you to use a particular framework for developing in it, yet in the docs the only information I can find is that you can only use ionic with either angular, react or vue - nothing really on javascript. So once again are we forced to use these 3 frameworks if we want to use ionic?

The answer is no

Just include the lib via script tag in html and then you can use all the goodies in whatever framework or no framework at all. Even CMS is no issue.

And Javascript is documented with the components, so wonder where you looked.


Thanks, can you direct me to the proper link to include the library

A bit of GOogle

Hey Tommertom,

As per the link that you’ve added I have succeeded in following the instructions and included a few alert components from the documentation. So I basically have am index.html and ionic.config file that’s all. I have tried the “ionic cordova build android” and I keep getting errors, it keeps looking for a config.xml and package.json. With the instructions as per the above link how do I compile it into an android apk / application

If u setup the project without using the ionic CLI (like u did), then u cannot really (without being very smart on all this) use the other CLI goodies such as ionic cordova

Which does not prevent u from using cordova (or capacitor) to generate a beautiful apk for your great app. Just u need to follow the instructions of those tools on their respective websites instead of ionic’s documentation

This assumes u know the difference between the ionic ui framework and the CLI

can you be a bit more specific? It seems like you want to use ionic, NOT use vue, react or angular AND you want to deploy it as a mobile app on android?

Hi @aaronksaunders,

Correct, I have looked at the component documentation and they do say how to use them with vanilla javascript, however as per your comment above I am unsure on how I would do this or if it is even possible without first generating a starter app via the cli

you should take a look at the getCapacitor documentation, I think that will give you what you are looking for.

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The framework itself is agnostic about OO, the same way that the Fusebox framework is agnostic.