Touch feedback on list items

My android app relies on many list views, which are the navigation of the app, but I noticed some bad touch feedback, my list looks like this:

<a href=".." class="item">
  (<div class="item-content"> ... </div>)

The touch feedback triggers when you press slow enough, but when you rappidly navigate through the views, the touch feedback rarely triggers.

Some quick diving in the code tells me you wait 80 ms to trigger the active state, after a touchstart, does this timeout get cancelled when a new view is being loaded? If so, anything to prevent that?

The app works fast, but not having visual feedback on taps makes it feel slower.

(I’m using v1.0.0-beta.6, tested on nexus 7, various galaxies)

updating to v1.0.0-beta6 did not fix the issue

I still didn’t find a suitable solution

Same here (Android). The delay makes the app not responding… Any help?

I’ve tested beta 8 and the nightly builds on iOS and android and touch feed back is pretty good.

What you are describing is a case where we’re preventing any taps when you try to scroll.

I loaded this example on an old motorola phone and all works fine.

Will try the latest beta, might be fixed already.

Have you tried to tap a button really quickly? (quickly enough to fire the event though) On beta 5/Android I can simulate scenario when the button is clicked but no feed back appeared. If I press it a little bit longer, it’s ok.

Did some testing last night actually, and feed back was great. Around beta 3-4 touch events were a little off but it’s been a lot better in the new betas