Trying to disable clicking on a list while the list is still scrolling

I have tried a bunch of different hacks to get my list view working, but sometimes there is a delay in the scrolling and the click to start the scroll is perceived to be a click and the detail page is rendered.

I would like to disable clicks when scrolling is active and then provide a small delay before enabling clicking after the scroll has stopped.

What version of ionic are you using? There is some work being done to resolve some tap/scrolling issues in beta 1.


I am pulling directly from head when updating project using bower

  "_release": "8760de5bf7",
  "_resolution": {
    "type": "branch",
    "branch": "master",
    "commit": "8760de5bf786aa2439e00192a21ba03747f78d1f"

can you try by referencing the nightly

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<script src=""></script>

will give that a go and see if i get better results

Did not solve the problem.

It seems that after multiple scrolls, the list is stuck trying to load items and in that delay, the tap to start the scroll is perceived to be a tap to go to detail screen.

Situation is much worse on Android

Hmm, are you using an ios device? Is there anyway you could put together a codepen or screen cast of your device? A few people have started doing that and its been a lot of help isolating their issues, that and posting your issues on this one too.

@adam has been doing a lot of work on scrolling/tapping issues and needs some feed back.

it seems like this problem is still present. if you drag the list up and down to scroll it, the item you start dragging from gets highlighted though it shouldn’t. It seems to happen even on the basic “tabs” out-of-the-box testing application. Is it the case or am I doing something wrong?