Top navigation tabs iPhone style [SOLVED]


Let me try to explain what I need.
The designer passed an app design where part of the naviagtion is made with a kind of menu that seems to be usual in iPhone.

It is a horizontally scrollable tabs menu. Works simillar to a tabs menu but it is in the top of the app, just behind the header. And it is not in the whole app, just in some views.

I think it shoud be placed in the subheader.

Anybody made something of this kind with ionic? Any idea how to face this?


I just guessed I can make top tabs. the only problem now is combine it with something similar to ion-scroll to be able to have a long number of tabs.


I solved that using an ion-scroll with buttons inside that represents our menu and place it in a subHeader.
Then I use nested views for the menu element controllers and control the active link position as explained in this other post.