Ionic 1.1.0, ion-tabs and nested nav-views

Upon updating to the latest version of ionic (from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0) I’ve got some problems with ion-tabs: having put them on top via $ionicConfigProvider.tabs.position('top');, effect is that the nav-bar is put under the tab-bar, as if it was a sub-header.

After some research, it looks like commenting out these lines in .css solves the problem:

.nav-bar-tabs-top.hide ~ .view-container .tabs-top .tabs {
  top: 0;
.pane[hide-nav-bar="true"] .has-tabs-top {
  top: 49px;

Has anyone had a similar problem, and in case, what are those css lines added for? (Just asking to know if I’ll break something in the near future for commenting them…)

Also, I’m reporting a problem with the “tab-item-active” class is not getting removed when tabs are changed, so that after some clicks all the tabs are set as “active”…

Having the same problem. So I ended up adding this into a scss file.

.nav-bar-tabs-top.hide ~ .view-container .tabs-top .tabs { top: 43px !important; \\i think it was 43, but I do not remember exactly }