Toolbar buttons with 'start' attribute for Android

If you go to and click the “Adroid” view. You’ll see both the search and add buttons are positioned on the right. I was wondering if this was on purpose or a bug. Since the ‘start’ attribute looks to imply the order as shown in the iOS view.

This is indeed on purpose.

In fact, its part of some showWhen/hideWhen magic underneath.

OK, I was wondering why. Since a lot of Android app have the ability to have buttons on the left and right of the title e.g. Google Hangouts.

Maybe it’s too late but …

showWhen/hideWhen is not related to the button position.
start places <ion-buttons> to the right on android.
Either way, it is on purpose.

See here

for the record use left instead of start will place to left on any platform


@mhartington This thread represents a teachable moment for me (in the proverbial teach-a-man-to-fish sense)… where can I find a comprehensive list of the attributes I can apply to an ion-buttons group and the associated semantics of those attributes? Like I can’t even find ion-buttons in the API docs at all, only ion-button. I’ve only found ion-buttons demonstrated by example in the component docs. Might just be a find-ability problem on my end, but eager to learn more.