Bug?/AsDesigned?: Built-in placement attribute 'start' does not work for Android and Windows platform


To reproduce the bug, please go to the official ionic documentation:

Please have a look at the example: Toolbar > Buttons in Toolbars

There you see, that in the right design-example (device widget), the search-icon
is not at the right place (only Android and Windows). It should be placed at the beginning of the toolbar.
For IOS it’s correct.

Android: (wrong: search icon is placed at the end instead of start)

IOS: (correct: search icon is placed at start)

Does anybody have a workaround for this?



Is that wrong or is that actually an Android design guideline? Honestly I don’t know…

But anyway the “workaround” I used in my app, I use left

    <ion-buttons left no-shadow>

   <ion-buttons end>

But note, doing so, it might need a bit of scss to customize the padding left-right of the buttons

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Hey @reedrichards :slight_smile:
Thanks for your answer.
I was also asking myself whether it’s an Android styleguide thing or a bug :slight_smile:
I can’t believe, that I’m the first one, who is recognizing this.

But it’s also a little bit strange, that this handled like this.
I mean how should you know this, whether it’s a styleguide thing?
If they provide an attribute to place an element, I expect, that the
attribute behaves as it should - to place the element to the right place.

I will try your solution, and when it works, I can live with that I think.

Thanks for the tip.


Same too me, start vs left these attributes changed within the time so at the end I just thought “well it works with what I want to achieve, I can’t live with that”

Hope this tricks gonna works for you too!

Let me know