Toggling side menu on iOS has a delay

My application has a side menu. Clicking on an item in the side menu hides the menu (toggleLeft(false)) and navigates the side menu content using state.go(‘view’).

The newly navigated view loads some data using AJAX.

However, on iOS the side menu is not hidden and is visible until the AJAX call finishes. This is really strange because the only line of code which toggles the menu is run as the first in the onclick of the menu item. And it works on Android.

Has anybody seen this issue before?
Thank you.

Guys please, I’m sure somebody is building an app for iOS using sidemenu.

I also tried directive “menu-close” with the same result.
On iOS <ion-item href="path" menu-close> triggers navigation to the path but the menu is not closed until the navigation finishes which looks very odd.

Is it a bug or normal behaviour on iOS?

i ve the same problem

did you found a solution ?

I ve checked my app again, i m using ui-sref to switch states.
I m not sure but it looks like menu-toggle and ui-sref did not define a priority -> due to the docs its not defined in which order both get executed.

The issue is only visible on IOS7 , Android and IOS 8 are working fine

I’m having the same problem, but in my case it is only happening on pages that have nested views inside. The sidemenu closes (or is toggled) when the child page is loaded. Can’t seem to understand why in this particular case the sidemenu has to wait to close or is delayed by something.

Same issue here, under IOS 8.1.2 !

Anyone found something about fixing this ? @alfons12, @urbiwan, @jadsalhani ? Or anyone else, don’t be shy :smile:

Still need help on this ! thanks ahead