Apple does not like the slide menu and rejected my app


I submitted my first “sidemenu” app to publish it on the Apple store and they rejected it with thIs comment:

“We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPad running iOS 9 and iPhone running iOS 9 on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks.
Specifically, the Menu option on the top left corner did not have any function when selected.”

Apparently they want the menu to appear even if the user taps on the hamburger icon and not only if he slides the icon to the right.

I guess I’m not the only developer facing this issue, is there any fix on this behaviourI

I’ve already asked Apple if I must edit the code to force the menu to appear on tap as the behaviour is explained in the first screen but maybe the tester did not noticed the instructions, and I am worried that also final users will not read the instructions too…

I’m waiting a reply from Apple since Friday and the project manager is putting me under stress so I’m looking for an easy fix, if possible…


this should be an easy fix with the ionic opexpose-aside-when attribute

thank you saniyusuf, can you please detail some more info about how to use the attribute?

sorry the attribute I was talking about is menu-toggle=“left”. You add this to your button and it will expose the side menu to the left. If you want the one on the right exposed on click, you specify right.

thank you saniyusuf!

it looks like it works, now compiling the new app and submitting it again – will let you know if Apple does not like it :cold_sweat:

Apple liked the modification and approved the app :smile:

App details at:

Thank you again!