Ionic on IOS waits to load content before closing side menu


This happen only on iOS. I’m using lastest version of ionic. Using Android works well.

How can avoid this?

What version of ionic are you using?

Are you calling sidemenu close manually or by attaching the menu-close class?

Are you using a resolve on the state? If so, until the data loads, the state won’t change - leaving the side menu open.


Last Version of ionic 1.13.

No, i am using the menu directive, not manual.

No i am not using resolve, i only route to template and controller. In android works fine.


Have you found a solution for this issue?

I have the same issue with ionic 1.13 on iOS. Maybe there is a way to detect when menu has closed and to begin controller processes then?

any news on this im still having this issue

Same issue here.
It happens (in my case) when the controller get big data from JSON file and display it in the view with nested ng-repeat directives.

The delay is about 3s on iphone4 and less than 1s on iphone5.

(Test done with 1.0.0-rc.3)

Same issue here on an iphone 5 using IOS 8.1.2 and latest version of Ionic ! On Android everything is fine, but the Iphone gives me a 1s delay. Anyone got a solution ?

Still need help on this !

Same issue here, it’s working fine in android but in IOS it comes with little delay, any solution ?

I am not using resolve and closing it through menu-close .

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Hi are you using slidebox inside main view ?

Hey, yes, most of the time I do. It has something to do with it ??

$ionicSlideBoxDelegate.slide(index,[0]); Use this one to get the index .

I don’t have any index issue, thanks :slight_smile: I actually already use this for a long time. I have the same issue as OP, on IOS the app waits for the content to be loaded before closing the menu.

I don’t think it’s closing issue, it’s rendering issue, Have you checked the same without loading anything ?

Yes. And of course, it closes immediately - since there is no content to load. On Android, it closes immediately and then the content loads (with whatever I did for the user to wait for it, loaders, etc, displayed while it loads). But on IOS, as said, as long as the content isn’t loaded, the menu won’t close.

I think you are calling the code below in the view controller !

$scope.$on('$ionicView.beforeEnter', function() {
 //adding data to the scope