Toggle not working (on iOS7)


Is the toggle control working for anyone or is it just me?

It does work when I test my project in Chrome on the computer but when run on iPhone (regardless of browser or deployed) nothing happens when trying to toggle.

EDIT: I’ve been following the basic example in the documentation and since that works in Chrome on the computer I assume I’m using it the right way.


Taking a look…Did you use a specific release? I did make some fixes this weekend related to that.


I just tested this on cordova and it worked fine on a recent release.


Thanks for a fast response.

It could very well be version related. I’ll try to update my project with the latest release and see if that solves the problem.


I was running 0.9.12.
Now with latest release it is working fine (and also sorted out my problem with radio buttons).



Up :-/
It doesn’t work for me with the latest version of ionic (0.9.17) and phonegap 3.0.0-0 with iOS, same as FirstKlas, work fine on Google Chrome but not on my iPhone 5
Note that event like “ng-click” are correctly trigger when using the native checkbox (ie. <input ng-click="setFree()" type="checkbox">)


Hmm, looking into this…


Has this issue been resolved? I seem to be getting exactly the same problem with Cordova 3.10 and ionic 0.9.24- works fine with Chrome and Android 4 Apps, but not iOS 7.