Toggle Behaviour


I am trying to use the toggle component, but it has a strange behaviour in my phone.
When i click the toggle component it turns-on and then turns-off returning to the original state.
When i try this in the chrome browser it works fine.

I am using steroids with ionic in an android phone with version 4.1.1.

Thks in advance
Alexandre Gonçalves

PS1: Sorry for my english.
PS2: I have tried with the checkbox component and the same thing happens

I have tested this in my android phone and tablet browsers and the problem only exists in my phone.

Another strange thing happens, if i do a long press in the toggle components it behaves normally. The turn-on and turn-off behaviour only happens when i tap the component in my phone.

Do you have any ideia why this is happening?

PS: My tablet is a Nexus 7 (2012) with android 4.4.2, my phone is a ZTE V970 with android version 4.1.1