Ionic2: checkbox not working anymore

It seems that the is not working anymore (since yesterday morning). I updated ionic@beta yesterday and since checkboxes are not clickable anymore. I tried creating a brand new project and adding a checkbox on the hello page (I got the same issue).

<ion-navbar *navbar>
  <button menuToggle>
    <ion-icon name="menu"></ion-icon>
  <ion-title>Hello Ionic</ion-title>

Welcome to your first Ionic app!

    This starter project is our way of helping you get a functional app running in record time.
    Follow along on the tutorial section of the Ionic docs!
    <button primary menuToggle>Toggle Menu</button>

  <ion-label>Arya Stark</ion-label>


all the rest of the app is the exact ionic start project. Is it a bug or I am missing something obvious