Webstorm new project wiht phonegap/cordova plugin question?

Ok, I have webstorm ide setup with iconic and can create new projects… yey!

The question i have is it creates a Blank project “$ ionic start myApp blank”, What I’m wondering is if there is a config file somewhare where I can change the default blank to like tabs “$ ionic start myApp tabs”?

or after the fact is there a way to tell icon it change setup to tabs?

New here, thanks in advance

Ok, for now, I just created a tab app with ionic start myapp tabs and then copied the src folder over my project created in webstorm and then restarted project. I can do this for now.

It would be nice if the plugin would have an selection for template

Sorry to waste time with newbie question

You have to at least link to the webstorm plugin you are talking about :wink: