Title update bug?

I have a codepen here: http://codepen.io/RangerRick/details/NPbrLP/

If you click between the “official” and “unofficial” tabs, the title updates fine. Then click “other” and the title changes to “Other”, but if you click back on “Events” the title remains “Other” rather than switching to the title of the tab’s view. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

the easy thing to do is to add ion-view tag before the ion-tabs with a title of the first tab that is loaded.

That still doesn’t actually fix the bug though. If I do that, I occasionally get the hardcoded title (which is wrong depending on which tab you’ve selected).

hi ,

check this codepan:


Right, so on your codepen, do this:

  1. “Events” is selected by default on the left, “Official” tab is selected by default
  2. Click “Unofficial”, the view changes to “Unofficial” and the title changes to “Unofficial”
  3. Click “Other”, the view changes to “Other” and the title changes to “Other”
  4. Click “Events”, the view changes to “Unofficial” (and the “Unofficial” tab is selected) but the title is now "Official"

That’s still broken.

ok , just remove the title attr from the ion-view.
i updated the codepan


now its Ok ?!
i solve your problem?

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Aha, you’re right! Looks like that’s a good workaround.

Hrm, actually, so it fixes that codepen, but in my real-world app with more views and more menu items, it still breaks. I wonder if it’s some kind of race condition.

i use ionic beta 14 ,
with a lot of views and menu items and its work great.
make sure that you have ion-view tag in each view.

Yeah, I’ve had 0 problems until I tried to put a ion-tabs inside a view. This specifically seems to be broken.

i also use tabs in the ion-view and its works great

also try to direct the ui-sref to a specific tab like: ui-sref=“app.events.official”