(Solved) Change in View Title?

I just noticed this today and wasn’t sure if this was an issue or if this was on purpose.

Seems that the way in which the ion-nav-bar got it’s title from the view has changed.

<ion-view title="'Awesome App'"></ion-view>

Has become

<ion-view title="Awesome App"></ion-view>

Also for dynamic title, where the title would could from a controller, I found it changed from this

<ion-view title="pet.id"></ion-view>

To this

<ion-view title="{{pet.id}}"></ion-view>

Seems like small changes but I just wanted to know if this was on purpose or if this way an issue

I hope this is on purpose since I just updated all my views yesterday. It makes more sense this way

I agree, I just wasn’t sure. I looked at the commit change but I couldn’t find anything (due to the large amount of commits being made lately)

Alright, I confirmed that it was a change and not an issue

Commit : a8e1524    

ionHeaderBar's title attribute is now interpolated.

Change this code: `<ion-header-bar title="myTitleVar"></ion-header-bar>`

To this code: `<ion-header-bar title="{{myTitleVar}}"></ion-header-bar>`
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