The platforms does not exist


Does any one have situation like this:


Hey it looks like ionic-cli does not like Cordova 3.4.0! Thanks for the heads up, I’ve created a new issue for it.

In the meantime, try just running cordova platform add ios.


Thanks for your response. I found it is the cordova’s latest version problem. So I change the version to 3.2.0, then it goes well.

npm install -g cordova@3.2.0-rc.1


Tim: but what the real sense of having “ionic platform ios”?
aren’t you doing too much? the framework itself is already a big project to develop and keep well documentated… why to worry also about Cordova?



I’m also interested to know why there’s a Cordova wrapper? Especially if it will break with certain Cordova releases.


Hey @krur and @compudaze,

You are correct, we wrap cordova, so you are free to use it underneath without the ionic tool.

One reason we do this is because we plan to add a lot of other services through the ionic command line tool. Things like deploying updates your apps that have been released to the app store, shipping a build for testing with our upcoming test app, and a lot of other stuff. We are also going to be doing some custom stuff with Cordova (like using Chrome on Android instead of the built in Web View), so that stuff we need a little more control over.

We need to do be more clear about the options for building Ionic apps, and also fix the way we wrap cordova so it’s more natural to use.

There are some issues out in the ionic-cli repo around this, and we will make it better!