The future of Live Updates is here, and it’s more performant than ever

Originally published at: The future of Live Updates is here, and it’s more performant than ever - Ionic Blog

Instantly deploying live updates to users is one of the most critical benefits of Appflow, Ionic’s mobile CI/CD platform. The Appflow team is excited to announce the beta release of a new, Capacitor-based Live Updates SDK that unlocks exponential performance improvements and new innovation for developers. The new SDK was designed with seamless migration in…


Hey @ceceliaionic I tried following the guide and migrating away from the cordova plugin but when Appflow builds without it it errors out saying its missing.

We have a “Native Config” with overrides for the cordova plugin could that be causing the issue?
And if so how do we override the defaults in the capacitor.config.ts at build time. Different builds require different configs.


Hey there! We’re currently evaluating the timing of adding support for Native Config override functionality in the Capacitor-based plugin.

For our reference, what values do you use from the override and how are they used in your app(s)? Feel free to email us at with the details, and we can follow up when we have more information.


i’m having an issue launching the update.
I’ve followed the procedure but when i execute LiveUpdate.sync() it gives me error 422, or network error.

any idea? :frowning:

Hey @ceceliaionic we use the CHANNEL_NAME override in Native config.
This is so that by default in the repository the channel can be development so there is no chance of someone overriding your local coding. But when we build for prod apps we want to ensure the CHANNEL_NAME is prod specific.