Build success - no option to deploy to live updates in menu

Hi, I managed to build an ionic capacitor app, with the live updates SDK installed and configured for the Production Channel. Following the docs to deploy the build to live updates, it says the following:

“Once you have created a Channel, go back to the Builds section of your app. On the right side of each Build, click the 3 dot ellipsis, then “Deploy Live Update” menu item.”

I cant see this option in the menu, I attach image:

and i am supposed to have 100 live updates available.

any help will be appreciated.

have you added the certificates?

and in destinations, have you add your channel?

Hi Roberto, you need to create a Web Build. A Live Update is web build, basically. That’s why it’s not showing up under the Android build in your screenshot.

Apologies for the confusion, I’ll revisit that section of the docs to clarify.

To summarize:

  • Create a web build/live update and assign it to a channel (like ‘production’) in Appflow.
  • Either build the native app in Appflow (like you’ve done here for Android) or locally in Xcode/Android Studio. Ensure it’s configured to watch the desired live update channel (‘production’) via capacitor.config.ts.
  • Run the app in either the simulator or on a device. As you make changes, deploy more live updates, you’ll see the app update.

hi, thanks for the response, ive made the web build and now I see the button.
But as for your response I guess there is no support to update android apps on the fly.

hi, no, I was trying to deploy directly to the device, without store. But i think is not possible to do because of the accepted answer.