Cannot use the live update feature in ionic capacitor

This is the sample app repo.

I installed this package for capacitor. please check.

Then i set my capacitor configuration as described,
LiveUpdates: {
appId: ‘bfc20438’,
channel: ‘production’,
autoUpdateMethod: ‘background’,
maxVersions: 2

then i made test commit and installed that on android simulator for testing.
For example that commit has a p tag with hello world.

Now my app is still open in android simulator. then i made another commit and made web build out of it using following instruction.

Now my android simulator app which has older commit should update on app launch. But it is not doing any of that.
Please help

Background update is supposed to download the update in the background while your app launches, and then on next launch will use the downloaded version. But doesn’t check for updates constantly, only on app launch, so you’ll have to launch the app twice for the update to be applied, looks like you only launched once. The app should have downloaded the changes, but won’t apply them until next launch.

If you want a more immediate update there are other download modes in the link you shared and also docs about how to force the update in resume event.

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