Ionic emulate android not connecting to ip:8100

ionic serve is working just fine

i tired all what i can find of emulate combinations:
ionic emulate (with or without android) (-c -l) or (-cls) is not working

I get popup alert
Application error: The connection to the server was unsuccessful(
Application error: net:ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT(

I tried ionic address i get 3 addresses:

  1. (Wi-Fi 2)
  2. (Ethernet)
  3. localhost

1 and 2 does not work if I select 3rd option and then i run the emulate command, I get the address selection again with only the first two addresses without 3) localhost

I tried to restart the PC, closed everything… it didn’t help

My main html file is named:“index.html” and it’s set correctly in config.xml

tried to uninstall the app from the emulator, but also didn’t work.

note the android emulator has access to the internet, the other apps ex: browser are able to connect to the internet

Any ideas ?

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Hey there, I happen to have the exactly same problem as you now, did you find a solution in the meantime?