Textbox and textarea is not scrollable


Text-box and text-area is not scrollable in side the form.
If the text are more then width of text-box and more then height and width of text-area it is not visible and scrollable. That mines user can not able to see the all text of textbox and text-area.

How can i resolve this issue.???


What version of ionic are you using?
What platforms are effected?
Can you post codepen demo of this?


1)I am using Ionic, v1.0.0-beta.4.
2)Android platform


Can you try this with either beta 9 or the nightly builds? This was an issue that I believe got fixed in the newer builds.


Ok. Thanks.
I will try.


@mhartington I’m having a similair issue on ionic 1.2.4 with latest chrome version. First the content scrolls and when that is finished, the textarea scrolls. This means that when the textarea is lower in the DOM then screenheight, it is not possible to scroll the textarea upwards. Similairly, when it is placed as first item when the content is higher then screenheight, it will scroll down first and thus be unable to scroll downwards (because textarea is no longer in view, you can’t focus it for scrolling)

Any thoughts on this? I would vote for disabling scroll content in a given element and descendants, like we have data-tap-disabled, I would like a data-scroll-disabled (even within an ion-scroll element). Possibly this already exists? Can you point me in the right direction?


1.2.4 is the cli version not the version of ionic.js.

What version of ionic.js are you using?
Check your lib/ionic.ionic.bundle.js to find out


Good point, should have thought about that :smile: Anyways, version is still larger then beta9 which you mentioned, I’m using v1.0.0-beta.11 according to ionic.bundle.js


Try beta 12, I believe that this was addressed in this version


i’m using beta 13 but still unable to scroll in textarea input, both iOS and Android


i’m using beta13,when overflow,the textarea can not scroll.
an other issue is,the contentEditable is also a problem.