Text-transform: capitalize only first letter on Ionic5

I want the outcome to be : Tutti i ticket

What I tried:

                <ion-segment-button class="ion-segment-button">
                    <ion-label>Tutti i ticket</ion-label>

.ion-segment-button {
text-transform: lowercase;
.ion-segment-button::first-letter {
text-transform: uppercase;

If I do :

.ion-segment-button {
text-transform: capitalize;

the output is : Tutti I Ticket.
So nothing is working for me,
Thank you very much

hi dear if you want only first letter of youre text be in capitalize? maybe this link can help you. check this link please

and this please


You can achieve this by CSS

.ion-segment-button ion-label::first-letter {
  text-transform: uppercase;

This worked. Thank you so much

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Welcome :slightly_smiling_face: