Keyboard - Lowercase first char by default

I guess the setting up the Keyboard is far outside of Ionic, because it is a separate software, isn’t it?

Is it still possible to maybe hint the Keyboard that a specific field is for a username, and thus the lowercase mode should be the default settings for the Keyboard?

I still do not know(because I didn’t searched and i did’nt did nothing like that) if exists a way to change the keyboard to do what you want to do, but one solution to transform the text that the user input is <ion-input [ngModel]="data" (ngModelChange)="(data!=null)?data = data.toLowerCase():''"></ion-input>

there is a simple html5 attribute autocapitalize=“none” :wink:

I don’t want to transform the input string. A username with uppercase first letter is valid, only thing is the lowercase ones are more common. So I just want to lowercase the first char by default, I don’t want to enforce it to be lowercase.

I’ve tried now autocapitalize=“none”, it did not have any effect for me (tried on Android 7.1) :frowning:

Actually, I went on with the idea after autocapitalize; and I found if I set < input type=“email”>, it turns off auto-capitalaze - with a side effect of showing the keyboard for e-mails (eg it has an emphatic ‘@’ char).

Any better idea?

Try autocapitalize=“off” this is deprecated but can work for this Android version.

Thank you for the tip, but I don’t dare to use a long-deprecated solution.

I think I stick to the type=email solution, it seems the most stable solution candidate so far