Auto capitalization with Ionic/Cordova

Reaching out to Ionic community to find a solution for auto capitalization.

I would like to have auto capitalization of each word on name entry in a text field: ‘John Doe’. I can present it capitalized with text-transform via CSS, however the actual value is ‘John doe’. I need the value to be entered with proper capitalization. What should I be using? Keyboard plugin? Special field attribute?

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check this git

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Thank you Itamar, am I correct that this only impacts the view but not the actual data? I am looking for the magic that turns on keyboard capitalization to force data entry to start each word with capital letter.

I’m also interested in this. I found this solution (granted it only capitalizes the first word) which is forcing the value to be capitalized:

However, I think it would confuse people if they were unable to lowercase it. I am looking for something to basically turn on the shift key, as well.