Test App with different virtual Devices


I’m gonna to test my ionic 3 app on emulated devices.

After the setup and configuration of the android studio/sdk/platform to simply run the app on any devices was done I installed two different virtual devices (Nexus_S_API_25,Pixel_API_25).

Now, i want to start the emulator once with the first and once with the second device. It seems to be that the Nexus_S_API_25 is the default device (caused of installed it first).

The installation is done with android studio (opened a default app) under ‘run’ -> ‘create new virtual device’ -> ‘virtual device configuration’.

the scoped app is created in intellij and has no connetion to the studio.

i know normally u can choose prefered device with:
‘ionic cordova run android --target=device-id’

But The question is how can I change the default device?
i.e. if I run ‘ionic cordova run android’ I want ionic/cordova/android to choose Pixel_API_25 instead of Nexus_S_API_25 device.

Thanks for any comments.