Ionic 2 Side Menu + Tabs Template

Many user want Side Menu + Tabs Template, I have create one, you can download it form following link:


File is missing {“success”:false,“error”:404,“message”:“Not Found”}

Can you upload it again. Also does tab menu always appear even when you select a page from a toggle menu?

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I get the same.

I think (as Ionic 1 showed) that this is an absolutely essential layout and it needs to be a standard starting layout you can get with “ionic start MyApp --v2 -tabs”.

It’s such as useful layout. I built my own in Ionic 1 and then saw the idea was quite popular.

The only way to approximate it is to have a tabs interface with a button that pulls up a modal that acts as the side menu. Could do that…

Hi. How to remove it?

Somebody help me. Pls.

Hi, this Ionic2 starter app includes the navigation you need: sidemenu and tabs at the same time.
Hope it helps!